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Both Taj Jure and Marc-Andre are licensed ministers in the state of Hawaii and are happy to create an original wedding ceremony. We perform non-denominational services of any style.


To lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license for that purpose must be obtained from an authorized agent. Once the license has been issued, there is no waiting period before the marriage can take place. No blood tests are needed, and no witnesses are required.

A marriage license and marriage certificate are different documents. The marriage license permits a marriage to take place. The marriage certificate indicates that a legal marriage has been performed.

Requirements for a Marriage License in Hawaii?

  • There are no state residence or U.S. citizenship requirements.
  • Blood tests are not required.
  • The legal age to marry is 18 years for both males and females.
  • Males or females of 16 or 17 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents, legal guardian, or the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
  • Proof of age is required. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under. A valid I.D. or driver’s license may be presented for anyone 19 years of age or over.
  • Cousins may marry. However, the blood relationship between the prospective bride and groom cannot be closer than first cousins.

How to Apply for a Marriage License

  • The prospective bride and groom must appear together in person before a marriage license agent (complete list for Kauai is below) to apply for a marriage license. Proxies are not allowed.
  • The prospective bride and groom should be prepared to provide the necessary proof of age and present any required written consents and approvals. All of the necessary documents should be obtained prior to applying for a marriage license.
  • The prospective bride and groom must prepare an official application and file the application in person with the marriage license agent. Applications are provided by the marriage license agent or may be downloaded from theHawaii State Government site. The application will not be accepted if sent by either postal mail or e-mail.
  • Upon approval, a marriage license is issued at the time the application is made.
  • The marriage license costs $65.00, payable in cash at the time the application is made.
  • The marriage license is good only in, but is valid throughout, the State of Hawaii.
  • The marriage license expires 30 days from and including the date of issuance, after which it automatically becomes null and void.
  • If you do not get married within the 30 days, return the unused license in the pre-addressed envelope provided to you for invalidation.

Wedding License Agents in Kauai

You can obtain your wedding license by calling any of the following agents (we will need a wedding license to complete your ceremony). The wedding license will cost you $65 and is payable to the license agent.

Please note that the Kauai Department of Health does no longer issue wedding licenses, and a license must be obtained by through an agent.


  • Kapaa – Pono Market – 808-822-4581 or Kenny Kubota 808-651-8629
  • Kapaa – Walter (Kamika) Smith – 808-821-6887
  • Kapaa – Joy Euccat – 808-821-6887 (weekends and Wednesday nights only)
  • Lihue – Jill Kosen – 808-246-2779 (Office located at Photo Spectrum)
  • Hanalei – Dayna Santos – 808-826-7742


  • Please call either of the phone numbers above no more than 30 days before your wedding date to make an appointment to see the wedding license agent, after you arrive in Kauai.
  • Both, the bride and groom need to appear in person, ID in hand.
  • A license can be obtained a day or two before the wedding, or even on the same day if necessary, as in the case with couples visiting on cruise ships that are only in the harbor for a single day.

DLNR Beach Use Permit

The DLNR (Department of Land & Natural Resources) requires beach use permits for all weddings performed on Hawaiian beaches. These permits must be applied for by a wedding officiant who is licenced in the State of Hawaii – the couple can not do this themselves.

All Beach Use Permits must be applied for and obtained for a specific day and time. The event must not exceed 2 hours per Permit.

We can apply and obtain this Beach Use Permit for you. The Beach Use Permit will cost between $75 and $200 depending on the size of your group.

There is a $5,000 fine for performing a wedding without a Beach Use permit.


  • Anini
  • Hanalei Bay
  • Smith’s Gardens
  • Shipwreck’s Beach
  • Shipwreck Beach – the Point
  • Lydgate Beach Park
  • Wailua Beach

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