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What are some of the things that have happened for the people in Japan and people all around the world due to the recent earthquake in Japan?

Our worst fears feel like they are being realized. Such as fear of death, dealing with our own mortality. Now many people have been getting flu’s and colds and even stronger respiratory issues such as pneumonia.

Desperation, especially fear of the unknown. The Japanese people for the most part didn’t know about the tsunami. When we had the hurricane Iniki on Kauai, there was a fear every time you heard the wind get stronger-

What Can We Do About This Fear?

I would like to share with you some ideas and tips for dealing with possible nuclear radiation exposure.

First-it is very important to think positively and look towards a brighter future. This situation is a catalyst for great change in the world. We will be living more sustainably with greater respect for the Earth. Fear and negativity acidify the mind and tissues of the body.

Breathe deeply, taking in healing quantities of oxygen. Remember our thoughts are vibrations, and by sending out positive vibrations we are directly helping to lift those up who need it most.

Tips for Protecting Yourself From Radiation

We can do things that are safe and effective to protect ourselves just in case we are exposed to any abnormal amounts of radiation . Be proactive in life, do this in a joyful manner. The human body is resilient when given the right tools!

Here are some basic and helpful tools!:

Take Essential Oils for Fear

Here is some info I have gathered from different sources regarding protecting our immune systems re radiation (please note this is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace qualified medical care, if you have a problem be sure and visit your medical practitioner)

If Cesium (which is the type of radiation from Japan’s nuclear outage post e/quake March 2011): Increase Beetroot, increase potassium; bananas, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, green leafy veg, black beans.

Increase Magnesium.

Take Gingko Biloba = best radioprotective herb together with beetroot for best free radical scavenging. (In addition, it offers protection to the reproductive system and bone marrow, the parts of the body most likely to be impacted. It is mucilaginous to help with bonding with radioactive particulates so that they can be removed. The mucilage also protects tissues from dryness and damage due to lack of viscosity. It has a tiny amount of carminative herbs to help with assimilation and nausea. It has yarrow for its subtle effects on the aura and rebalancing and liver protective bupleurum).

A few things to focus on when looking to protect the body from radiation via nutrition are the following:

Ingesting Foods High in Naturally Occurring Iodine

Iodine will help prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine making this tip very important right now.

There are many other suggestions as well, including bee pollen, nutritional yeast, green tea, vitamin C, milk thistle (or other liver supports), charcoal, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and clay (like bentonite clay .

Probably the most important of the foods that we could consume to offer protection are the brown seaweeds, Dulse and kelp are some of the best sources , kombu, arame, hijiki, wakame. sea lettuce, These sea vegetables are naturally high in iodine. And blue green algae including chlorella, and spirulina. You can also take iodine supplements such as Atomidine if you feel this is necessary

Some of the best source of easily absorbable Organic Potassium and Iodine are Black Strap Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Black Walnut Hulls. Black Strap Molasses is by far the richest source of Organic Potassium. Black Walnut Hulls are the largest natural source of Organic Iodine. And Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the best Catalysts known to man so that even those with poor health and digestion can easily absorb it into their systems.

Ingesting Foods with Potassium

You can make potassium broth really easily and drink it daily…For even faster results, you can add to each cup of herb tea six to ten drops of elderberry tincture or six to ten drops of black walnut tincture, both of which are extremely high in potassium. Regular meals can start off with a cup or bowl of potassium broth.

Dehydrated vegetables in the form of potassium powder or broth can be purchased from most health stores or you can prepare your own. There are some of your health books that provide instructions for making potassium broth.

There are several ways to receive your potassium. Dr. Bernard Jensen sells a potassium broth made from dehydrated vegetables. Dr. Bronner makes a similar, excellent product. You can also make your own potassium broth by simmering equal parts of red potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, and herbs to taste. Raw vegetable and fruit juices also flood the system with potassium.

The only ingredient that runs out Radiation that has already been impregnated into the body is Vitamin B3 = Niacin = Nicotinic Acid. Those of you who’ve taken Niacin know what I’m talking about having experienced the “Flush” that goes along with taking it. That flush you experienced was Radiation running out of the body, and can not only be an old Sunburn turning on and blowing, but can also be doses of Radiation you received in the past blowing out of your body

The following was written for the treatment and prevention of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side-effects but the information and references it contains are just as useful and relevant to accidental radiation exposure.

Eating Foods High in Chlorophyll

This would include all of the dark green leafy vegetables, herbs, and grasses. Up your intake of green smoothies and soups with plenty of kale, collards and chard. Make bigger salads and incorporate sea vegetables into them. Load up on cilantro, basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, etc. all of which are loaded with antioxidants and will help keep an alkaline PH and cleanse the blood. Blue green algae also falls under this category, chlorella being especially high and a potent detoxifyer. Ormus Greens is a great superfood powder that contains high levels of grasses and is very rich in chlorophyll.

Adding Adaptogenic and Cleansing Herbs

Get your hands on some ashwagandha, reishi and chaga mushroom (and all other medicinal mushrooms are great too!), maca, ginseng, milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion, tumeric, goji berries, etc.

Up your intake of herbs that support the immune system. New Chapter brand of nutritional supplements makes amazing blends of medicinal mushrooms that are very easy and convenient to take. Also don’t forget good old ginger and garlic which can be easily added to salad dressings and soups.

Zeolites and Fulvic Acid

Zeolites and fulvic acid both come from the Earth. They help chelate toxins and positively charged atoms within the body for safe removal and detoxificaton. These two items are very beneficial in helping to keep the body alkalinized as well and are extremely powerful for radiation exposure and toxic exposure in general.

Adding Miso to Your Diet and Unprocessed Raw Salts

This would include himalayan salt, Celtic salt and Bali sea salt. Upping your intake of highly charged mineral salts will help fortify the glands and enable the body better cope with radioactive exposure. A highly mineralized bloodstream will make it harder for radioactive minerals to absorb into the body and do harm. Miso has long been used in Japan for both protection and detoxification from nuclear waste and is also very stimulating for the immune system.

Benefits of Cultured Foods

There are many great raw organic cultured foods available these days from kim chi and sauerkraut to kombucha and kefir.

Ingesting a high quality probiotic supplement would also be a great idea, even if you are already eating plenty of cultured foods. It is very easy to make your own cultured veggies and yogurts, all raw vegan! Many tips and recipes can be found on the Internet. The probiotics within our bodies are like little soldiers that are fighting for our health and well being every moment! They make up an absolutely vital part of our immune system and should never be overlooked.

The Powerful Coconut

Coconut fat is very easy for the body to digest and is very nourishing to the thyroid in particular which makes it a great food to consume right now. Include cold pressed Coconut Oil, as well as the actual meat of the coconut.

MSM and Sulphur

MSM, a naturally occurring form of sulphur, makes the cells better able to detoxify harmful substances. If we are exposed to something toxic we want our bodies to be able to flush it out as soon as possible. MSM also helps build strong collagen and healthy skin tissue. It can also be found in high amounts in fresh aloe vera, so if you have access to this definitely incorporate some aloe into your smoothies or elixirs. Eat foods high in the mineral sulphur such as onions, garlic and chives and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale. You can also take baths with msm and epson salts in it to help detoxify the skin. Throw in some relaxing essential oils like lavender, rose, and ylang ylang if you are feeling especially tense, or peppermint and rosemary if you need something refreshing and invigorating.

Include High Antioxidant Frutis

Whatever is in season and is the most fresh would be best! If you have access to fresh berries right now that would be ideal.

Also focus on lots of citrus, pineapple, and mangoes as these contain loads of vitamin c and are coming into season now so the quality has been very good. If fresh fruits aren’t easily available where you are get some superfood fruits in dried form like maqui, goji berries, acai, camu camu, or a high quality raw blend like Fruits of the Earth.

Additional Supplement & Nutritional Guidelines

Serving Size Potassium (mg)

  • Apricots, dried – 10 halves – 407
  • Avocados, raw – 1 ounce – 180
  • Bananas, raw – 1 cup – 594
  • Beets, cooked – 1 cup – 519
  • Brussel sprouts, cooked – 1 cup – 504
  • Cantaloupe – 1 cup – 494
  • Dates, dry – 5 dates – 271
  • Figs, dry – 2 figs – 271
  • Kiwi fruit, raw – 1 medium – 252
  • Lima beans – 1 cup – 955
  • Melons, honeydew – 1 cup – 461
  • Milk, fat free or skim – 1 cup – 407
  • Nectarines – 1 nectarine – 288
  • Orange juice – 1 cup – 496
  • Oranges – 1 orange – 237
  • Pears (fresh) – 1 pear – 208
  • Peanuts dry roasted, unsalted – 1 ounce – 187
  • Potatoes, baked, – 1 potato – 1081
  • Prune juice – 1 cup – 707
  • Prunes, dried – 1 cup – 828
  • Raisins – 1 cup – 1089
  • Spinach, cooked – 1 cup – 839
  • Tomato products, canned sauce – 1 cup – 909
  • Winter squash – 1 cup – 896
  • Yogurt plain, skim milk – 8 ounces – 579
  • bananas, mint, and dandelions are good sources of potassium;

Beneficial Homepathy Remedies

For all concerned, there are protective steps that can be taken with homeopathy.

Key remedies that have been used either in research or historically to prevent or treat radiation poisoning include the following:

  • Cadmium iodide
  • Cadmium-sulph
  • Phosphorus
  • Strontium-carbonicum
  • X-ray

If at risk of radiation exposure, any one of the above remedies may be taken as an emergency response, three times a day in a 30C potency. Do not exceed 6 doses without guidance from your homeopathic practitioner. If radiation sickness has developed, your homeopathic doctor can also advise on treatment dosages.

Additional Options to Help – The Raw Guru

Meditate – Food for the Mind

Lastly, take at least 5 minutes per day to meditate on inner and outer peace. Let’s all raise the vibration of the entire planet right now!

We highly recommend episodes of peaceful meditation, followed by at least 10 minutes of smiling and dancing, preferably more (especially the smiling part).

Exercise at least a little bit everyday to stimulate the immune system, feed the mind feel good brain chemicals and reduce extra stress and tension. Lets all hold the best of intentions as we move forward into a better, safer, cleaner, and healthier future!

Essential Oils – Diffusing into the Air

I will be taking several steps to safeguard our home with the powerful air-purifying and DNA-protecting properties of Young Living essential oils, and we recommend that you do the same.

Recommendation:  Use a Young Living diffuser, coupled with the following oils, in the rooms of your home over the coming days and weeks.

Diffuse a combination of Melrose, Sacred Frankincense, and Purification essential oils. Combine the oils in pairs when diffusing (for example, Melrose with Sacred Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense with Purification). Melrose is a particularly powerful blend because it contains two melaleuca oils that may protect cells from radiation damage, according to Dr. Daniel Penoel.

Another sensible precaution is to wear an inexpensive dust mask saturated with the above oils while you are outside or traveling.

A further step we are taking to protect our environment is burning frankincense resin—an ancient method of purifying the air—throughout our house.

While science has not yet made a demonstrable link between diminished radiation effects and essential oils or resin burning, I believe in doing everything possible to protect my family using natural means.

It is not my intention to alarm anyone or cause undue concern over the developing situation in Japan. However, I strongly believe in being proactive and using readily available resources at our disposal to safeguard our health and those we love. I also feel that this recent disaster could be viewed as a wake-up call to all of us about the radiation that surrounds us all the time and the methods that we can use to protect us from it.

Dana: Dr. David Stuart says to use Cypress oil! Apply it to the skin, in capsules, even put it in the diffuser. Cypress accelerates the rebuilding of the immune system after chemotherapy and radiation. It builds corpuscles—especially white blood cells. Doctors are amazed at the speed of recovery.

Blend (add oils in the below specific order):

  1. 25 drops of Tea Tree
  2. 25 drops of Cypress
  3. 5 drops of Oregano
  4. 20 drops of Lavender
  5. 10 drops of Lemon
  6. 15 drops of Myrtle
  7. 10 drops of Myrrh
  8. 5 drops of Peppermint

You can take in caps, or put on any exposed area of the body, but use by mixing with a carrier oil

  • Tea Tree—helps in cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment. Can be used topically to minimize & protect damage from radiation to the body.
  • Cypress—rebuilds while blood cells damaged by exposure to radiation & is also good for bleeding gums.
  • Oregano—has an effect on cell wall structure. So, when exposed to radiation, the cell wall breaks down. It helps protect cell wall membrane.
  • Lavender—alleviates paid and speeds the healing process. So, if you do have radiation burn, the healing process is being more quickly healed.
  • Lemon—Antiseptic. Improves micro-circulation. It promotes leucocytes—white blood cell formation & improves lymphatic function & immune system function.
  • Myrtle—Breaks up the mucus & also stimulates the thyroid if it is too high—overactive. Essential to use Myrtle with Myrrh.
  • Myrrh—Supports the thyroid. Large doses of radiation will attack the thyroid.
  • Peppermint—helps to keep the liver functioning correctly. Keeps bile formation moving & keeps you protected from radiation exposure.

Also, we would like to mention that Masaji (because of high anti-oxidents) and vitamin C is very important!


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