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  • Learn to trust your body & release all prior programming

The following article was written by Taj Juré and originally published in INSPIRATION, Hawaii’s Wellness Journal, September/October 2007

Transcending Fear Through HypnoBirthing

Transcending Fear Through

From the beginning of pregnancy I had a lot of fear about giving birth. I didn’t realize that this fear would show up on “Birth Day.” I didn’t understand the scientific facts about how fear affects the body, muscles and specifically the uterus! The truth is; it is not normal to be in pain! Our muscles work together perfectly. So why should the muscles of the uterus work differently during birth?

When there is extreme fear there is tension and tightness. This fear results in a body that cannot perform naturally. HypnoBirthing teaches women and their birthing companion how to deeply relax and release fear. It empowers couples to understand the birthing process at home or in a hospital, and to ask questions of their care-providers.

Fear is the strongest and most debilitating emotion. The negative effect that it creates in the body during birth can delay, slow or stall labor. When there is stress and unresolved fear beginning labor, the stressor hormone, catecholamine, is released. This hormone sends the body into a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. The uterus is not part of the “fight or flight” response team, so it “freezes.”

The results can be detrimental to both mother and child. Blood is directed away from the uterus. As these arteries constrict and tense the baby receives less oxygen. The two muscles of the uterus used in birthing have less blood and oxygen. This causes the lower, circular muscles of the cervix to constrict and tighten instead of relaxing and opening, while the vertical muscles continue to pull up and back to push the baby out. The result is that the cervix stays taut as the circular muscles resist opening. This is sometimes known as “failure to progress.”

Normally, these two sets of muscles work together effortlessly. When a woman is in “Fear” this causes “Tension” which results in “Pain” or FTP syndrome. This FTP syndrome (named by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read) has the same abbreviation as “failure to progress” a term used by the medical profession concerning labor.

This is the time when the birthing mother needs encouragement and relaxation to calm and soothe her mind and body, changing the way the muscles are constricting. With the release of the hormones known as endorphins, the “happy hormones” that come from deep relaxation, the muscles relax and begin to open. To assist in the release of endorphins, HypnoBirthing teaches visualization and relaxation techniques, empowering women to take control of their bodies. Using these techniques with positive thoughts increases the body’s ability to birth easily.

Hypnosis is a natural state, like daydreaming, of relaxed concentration, where we connect with our subconscious mind. With hypnosis, you gain more conscious awareness enabling you to become fully engaged in co-creating the birth of your child with ease and grace. You can create your body’s own natural anesthesia, which will decrease or remove discomfort and need for medication. By understanding the birthing process, releasing fears and programming from the past, you become more present for birth. Transcending the tension of learned fears leads to the blissful birthing experience that nature intended.

Our bodies are a perfect instrument of nature through which the miracle of life occurs naturally. Birth can be a gentle, calm, mostly pain-free experience for healthy women who are not in a high-risk situation. With HypnoBirthing, you will be completely in control, yet totally relaxed and these techPniques can be used for any area of life, supporting your family to create a positive and loving environment.


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