The Origin of Thoughts


Observe Your Thoughts

Every time you feel yourself thinking thoughts of limitation about your self or someone else, stop, and feel the following question: “Where is that thought originating from?”

Is the thought yours? Is it from some fear? Is it accurate? Is it true?

Are you threatened by the person about whom you are having these thoughts?

How do these thoughts make your body feel? Are they comfortable?

What can you do with these thoughts to relax the anxiety that you have just created for yourself?

Do these thoughts assist you in ANY way?

Begin to change this energy by first thanking yourself for showing you that you still have triggers, knowing that there is still pain to heal. The pain is wrapped around different issues. Perhaps it is jealousy, as just one example. What is stimulating those feelings? Is it lack, like lack of confidence or low self esteem?

Rely on the Appreciation of Heaven

Teaching of Omraam Aivanhov, Bulgarian Spiritual Teacher who died in 1986:

Behind their respectable, moral, even spiritual, façades, how many people nurture appalling thoughts, feelings and desires and behave like animals! Why put on this act, when they are accountable to celestial entities every day? If you gain the good opinion of these entities, everything in and around you will be wonderful, whereas if you are content to gain the good opinion of others by playacting you will be left with the same weaknesses and the same mediocrity. You will be subject to the whims of the crowd, who, on one day, can shout, “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” and, a few days later, “Let him be crucified!” as they did with Jesus. Yes, we’ve seen this so often throughout history! Someone is glorified, and a short while later they’re assassinated. Human nature is fickle and unfaithful, and if you rely on being appreciated, you’ll bring burning coals down on your head. Learn to rely only on the appreciation of heaven.”


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