Imagine a humming bird on a beautiful summer day, the sky is blue, such uplifting happiness. This is how Taj works. She is multi-talented & multifaceted and is absolutely dedicated to taking you through your pain in the most nurturing way. During my work with Taj I felt cradled like a baby in my mother’s arms. Taj’s ability to work like this restored my energy & replenished and nourished me and I am able to go about my day with more enthusiasm and hope.”

—Oriel Katsir, teacher, CA

Taj is a multidimensional healer, a quantum physician. I experienced profound awarenesses and release of my pain body. She has many techniques to take you to healing!”

—M. A. Gagnon, Builder, Hanalei, HI

I would recommend her to everyone! She is amazingly intuitive & knowledgeable. She has an aura of trust that enabled me to immediately relax & accomplish my goals in our sessions. Doing regression work, I received amazing insight into myself about what was blocking me with my creativity from moving forward in my work as an artist. With Taj’s guidance using hypnosis I was able to encounter the source of it and the tools to use to resolve the blocks.”

—J.Bradley, Artist & Metaphysician, Palm Springs, CA

Taj is a flower, a tree, an animal & a butterfly. When she does her work she comes to you with exactly what you need. My session was Amazing!”

—Linda Jacques, Art Gallery Owner,Palm Springs, CA

I have done two regressions with Taj. I will tell you this: It was made so easy to drop trustfully deep into my subconscious; to feel in my emotional body what had been locked there for generations; to access events, and my reactions to them, that have kept me from being whole; to hear her gentle promptings through my self-made veils of a false illusion; and, to surface from both sessions feeling fresh, remembering all details, and moving forward in peace. Thank you, eternally, Taj, for the purity of your practice.”

—P.Watson, Spiritual Channel, Kauai, HI

Oh my gosh! At first I was so nervous, but the session was soothing, calming & relaxing. I felt like floating out when it was over. It helped me to understand that I can only change myself & my perceptions to change my world. With the sounds of the Crystal Bowls & Taj’s guidance, I could feel my cells swirling & see the realignment happening in my body.”

—D. Montague, Administrative Asst, Avon, NY

Thank you for all your gifts. Your intuition knew why I needed to visit on Kauai. It was so nice that I was able to go deeper during the session (I normally cannot go in to that state on a massage table.) I look forward to visiting you again and love to try flower bath, too!”

—Eiko, Japan

I am enjoying the beautiful oils that you made for me. The personal one is really wonderful. It makes me smile! I guess I needed more of that. It is always good connecting with you.”

—F. Tyson, Kauai, HI

I had great experience with Raindrop. First, when you started to drop essential oil, the right side of my body started pain little. Then you started to ring the bowl, the pain was getting hard. When I woke up after I slept for a while, the pain was gone! I like raindrop and I like the crystal bowl too! Sound of crystal bowl made my body feel well! After the therapy, I was scentful, felt luxury! And my stiff shoulder was reduced.”

—Hiromi, Japan

I visited Taj for a healing session with Hypnotherapy and experienced the most profound healing ever. My trust was installed immediately within the gentle loving care reflected to me. I felt an inner peace to work with her on the deepest level. Her wisdom and knowledge have helped me to understand my issues and it allowed the healing to take place. She works with God Source and radiates her own beauty because of it.”

—Gabriele Master, Master Aesthetician, Kauai

Taj has created a line of Hawaiian Flower, Shell, Gem & Sound Elixirs- essences from the mountains of Kokee to the beaches of Hanalei. Nourishing Essential Oil Blends support you on your healing journey.

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