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Everything that moves- vibrates from the smallest molecule to the universe itself and as long as it is vibrating, it is making some kind of sound –even if we don’t hear it. Each part of us has a vibration- The vibration of the skin, the hair, the lungs, heart – We can isolate all the body parts into separate vibrations. Are they discordant with each other?

The bowls will bring these vibrations into harmony with each other.

All the separate body parts are in conflict because of all the images of what the body wants to do naturally compared to what the mind wants it to do. This separation can be integrated with the vibrational frequencies of tuning forks, crystal bowls, toning or singing. These frequencies vibrate to color as well.

The resistance to getting older makes the symptoms of menopause worse. The Crystal Bowls will help break up the old belief patterns that are still stuck in the body. The bowls will break up the crystalline structures in the body – the sound heals with color.

Integrating with sound and color will help the sloughing away of the blood in the womb into the fulfillment of the heart in a mature way. At a vibrational level- the bowls enhance “the body” & bring you to balance.

Sound bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the body. Hearing the sound of the crystal bowls seems to awaken an ancient remembering, that touches the essence of the soul.

Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine & neuropeptide systems. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland & organ of the human body absorbs & emits sound. Our entire body & brain vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally attuning & entraining us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor M.D. in his book Sounds of Healing- used crystal bowls & Tibetan bowls in his practice with cancer patients. He chronicles a thorough study of sound healing & a holistic approach to mind-body healing. Many techniques include using the voice, which is the most powerful instrument, and different instruments for healing. The goal of sound therapy is to reduce stress & pain, promote deep relaxation, develop self-awareness & creativity, improve learning & clarify personal values.

Menopause & Ayurveda Philosophy

Menopause symptoms are worse when bodies are toxic. Dehydration also makes symptoms worse. Not just dehydration within the organs but in the cellular level of the skin. So drinking lots of clean water is essential. It is important to lubricate the organs with some type of Essential fatty oils, omega 3 fish oils, or flax seed oils, borage oil for example. A good way to lubricate the skin is to put sesame oil on the skin before bathing in a hot bath- this will hydrate the skin and leave it looking glowing & beautiful.

Cleansing your body at least 1 or 2 times a year is very helpful.

There are many types of cleanses that you can look up or talk to your physician about.

One of the simplest & easiest Ayurvedic cleanses is the Kitchery Diet or Mono Diet.

It is very nurturing & grounding as well as cleansing.

One way is to use Basmati Rice & yellow mung beans with no hulls- Cook them together and you can add various Indian spices. The spices vary due to what is appropriate for your body type. There are many books on the subject.

You can add vegetables to it. They must be cooked. Steamed for about 20 minutes.

You can make different variations with spices for breakfast & dinner.

A lot of women have problems with food digestion, with eating too little or too much, type of food, when to eat …

Eating this diet gives your digestive system a break and allows it to come into balance.

There are some specialized oils that are calming and cooling when added to sesame or almond as the carrier-GotuKola oil is extremely calming & cooling.

For sleeping problems or over stimulated nervous systems- Jatamamsi oil- It is very powerful- if you rub 1 drop on soles of feet & crown of head.

Yoga Poses for Healing

There are many yoga techniques that can assist with relaxing and releasing the symptoms of Menopause. Here are a few suggestions.

Lion’s Pose

Stimulates the Thyroid & adrenal glands when the glands have been burned out-

  1. In Lotus or sitting on heels, w pillows between the legs- Align the back straight with the head on top of the spine instead of pitched forward. Deeply breathing lifts your spine up. Tuck the chin down & open the mouth, stick out your tongue really far & deeply roar.
  2. Notice your breathing
  3. Feet & arches may tend to soreness- Massage by making fist and pushing it & working it into bottom of feet. Work the toes. Then massage the hands-Afterwards let the arms hang down by your side. This relaxes the shoulders.
  4. Lean back on your feet if it feels appropriate to stretch the tops of the feet.
  5. Stretch your arms overhead & lean side to side- pulling up and then slightly over-one hand pulling the other over from your wrist.
  6. COOLING BREATH in Lions Pose or any pose- Roll your tongue, if you can, and suck air in over your tongue- & exhale warm air out your nose. This cools the body down. Breathe with your chest lifted, it turns on your stabilizers-
  7. If you can’t roll your tongue than make put your mouth in this position to whistle and instead of whistling suck air in making a sound. This is very cooling as well.

Child’s Pose

Wide legged childs pose to relax & spine & belly – role on head and do neck massage.

Asanas – Suptabaddhakonasana

Female Hormone Imbalances

First, sit w/ legs in butterfly- Do resistance on inner thighs. Release unconscious tension with your hands-Tighten & release. Lying on your back- legs in butterfly – pillows under legs to support tight groin muscles. thighs- it allows the lower back to lengthen into the pose- pillow or blanket supporting the thighs- Be super loose- maintain the lumbar curve- don’t flatten your back Brings blood flow to the uterus & thighs.

Chin should be down, neck lengthened –Breathe with a relaxed belly-Chronically held in belly’s : Restrict breathing- do exercise of holding muscles tight on exhale & breathing in with the muscles just as tight. EXAGGERATE exhale movement-. Now take a deep breath without a tightened belly. A tightened belly-holds tension in organs (they need to move), can cause constipation andlower back pain

Self massage starting with belly rub-Relaxing- stretch arms above head massage scalp.

Saying affirmations to ones self as you focus on your body.

This can reverse blockages in the pelvic bowl. 5 to 10 minutes a day before period

Standing Poses

Mountain Pose

  1. Heels 6” apart. Standing straight on balls of feet- apart standing naturally- chest up …-Lifting arms -Rolling shoulders -Stretching neck -leg shaking – butt shaking -pound hands in cheeks & sacrum
  2. Stretching over- w/ bent knees -Head hanging down -Massage scalp, ears etc. -trace a figure 8 -reach down & forward -Affirmations while upside down- you can go into down dog to finish.

Shoulder Stand

Only do this pose if you have practiced it before.

Is cooling to the brain. Starts to recirculate the system – Shifts the blood flow in the body. It is a great pose for Hot Flashes – Not too heating.

You can do shoulder stand alone, assisted, or against a wall for support.

Moderate shoulder stand: Roll half way over with weight on shoulders without lifting legs straight up

Viparitakarani instead of Shavasana

It calms the Nervous System, which will help the Adrenals. If you are over stimulated it will relax you. If you are tired it will wake you up. It is very calming.

  1. Put your butt against the wall and roll your legs up with your legs up on the wall, bend knees if your hamstring muscles are too tight. Arms stretched out with palms facing up. Do not push low back into floor. Your shoulder blades should be rolled back with the chest open. If you put a weight on the feet it is even more calming to the nerves.
  2. Stretch arms above head.
  3. Finish with Shavasana- laying flat on your back on the floor, arms outstretched at 45 degrees. Relax and breathe with your eyes closed, staying in the present.


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