Sound Healing Evening – July 21 @ 7pm – Kilauea, Hawaii


 July 21 @ 7pm

Come to a Sound Healing Meditation with the Crystal Bowls and our voices toning or oming. This is a Sound Healing to create a state of deeper Peace within us, and we send this Peace out to the Planet. Beginning at 7 PM. (Please be on time).

I will also be teaching about how the Crystal Bowls, Color & Light, Tuning Forks & Toning work to promote deep relaxation, soothe anxiety and fear and stimulate the body to heal itself. You will  experience a Sound Medicine session, a Sonic Nuclear Radiation Release with the Sound Bowls. There are certain frequencies that match the frequency of the elements of Strontium, Uranium, Cesium, Iodine, and Plutonium. We will be playing, toning or singing the notes that correlate to the frequencies of these radioactive elements, and this will act as a homeopathic in our bodies, a non-toxic dose, neutralizing the effects of these materials.

This technique is similar to that of eating iodine, kelp or other forms of iodine, to fill the receptor sites for this element in our bodies, so we don’t absorb the radioactive element. It has been found by researcher Ingrid Naiman, that “the body recognizes strontium as calcium and cesium as potassium. Having sufficient amounts of natural forms of these nutrients helps the body to not absorb the toxic forms.”

For the Meditation, we will be playing the sound bowls as each person has the opportunity to be in the center of the circle and receive.  The circle of people around them will be meditating and playing the Sound Bowls to them, sending love and appreciation. When it’s complete people can get up and leave quietly or stay for tea and talk.

Please call 808-652-3698 – 4356 Kahili Makai St,Kilauea – Between the 21 & 22 mile marker

Taj Juré is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healing PLR,
HypnoBirthing & Fertility Therapist, Sound Healer, Cranial Sacral, Sound Medicine
Therapist, Raindrop Therapy, Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach


“When Taj used the tuning forks and sound bowls it made my whole body giggle.”

JL- Boulder, CO


Call for an appointment or a free 10 minute consultation.

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