When you put yourself into the frequency of love and trust, then everything will fall into place. When you sit in silence and allow Love and Trust, that awareness permeates your thoughts, and you begin to anchor yourself in this frequency, so it becomes easier and

Goddesseasier to manifest it in your daily life.

Waking up early when the silence is strongest can be helpful.

Are you busy doing things because they are important?

Or are you busy doing things because you are afraid?

This is the time to ask for guidance.

And soon enough, when you have the bigger vision in place, you can run the country yourself- always remembering that the best king and queen is one who rules through love, who is in service to her… people.

Fear can be a very subtle manipulation, or a very obtuse one. And it can be imposed upon from the outside – creating a reaction, or it can be something so subtle, running you from the inside.

Are you willing to look at your fear, observe it, break it down? So that you can see that it is only a thought form.

There is incredible help and guidance waiting to come in and assist us. And it can come from your inner world.

Who can you trust? Can we trust ourselves? How do you decide if it is safe to trust another? When we have a series of events in our life that seems to show us no one is really there to help us, that everyone is out for himself, we get.. scared.. and.. sometimes we become paralyzed.

Every one of us has a team of frequencies and energies in the unseen world that are wanting us to evolve to higher frequencies, and their job is to assist us in that evolution. We have to call that energy in. We have angelic energies around us, some call these guardian angels and higher beings that are wanting the evolution of the planet and each human to occur as quickly as possible!

new Leaf heart on beach      Love is the Medicine

Love is the Remedy

How we doubt Love

How we doubt ourselves

How we doubt each other is the Illness

That is the Disease


This puts us out of integrity with who we really are – That Shining Light of Love!

When I was in Europe a couple of years ago, I was very sick with a high fever- and my experience of illusion- delusion- from my high fever- allowed me to break out of the I- I- I-I am…. To the WE.

I also was given the experience of being able to look at a person, and imagine that from their shoulders to around their head and back over to the other shoulder, there was a seam –   and all of a sudden I would see this light coming out of peoples heads- This white light! The light of the Divine part of them! It was so easy to know that they were Divine and to see the best in them. Imagine if you saw the Divine all over. It would be so amazing!

But then you forget….so what I would like is to see that again and to support each one of you in seeing that in yourself when you look in the mirror. And in each other… to remember that even though the person that is in front of you may be triggering you, they still have that Divine aspect and are trying to come into resonance with that part of themselves. Or that they CAN come into resonance with that part of themselves.. So it’s important to be patient and supportive as much as you would like to receive that patience and support.

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