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It is with great joy and gratitude we share with you the evolution and near completion of our first Educational Center for the startup of Rainbow Tree SchoolThanks to your love, encouragement and generosity, we are at the threshold of a new journey, where we can offer Soul Essence Education to children of all ages. Each one can develop their genius, their essence to expand into their full potential, and offer that Gift to the world.


   Because 75% of all materials are recycled or “downgraded” lumber, your generous support has enabled us to go to “near completion in our project. All the work has been volunteered and to finish the building we have a long time friend, professional builder and artist, William Hames, from Canada, to add his expert guidance and artistry. It is another miracle! Along with Marc-Andre Gagnon, this allows our volunteer team to have professional quality with the love and enthusiasm that has accompanied this project since the beginning.schoolphase-2

   In order to bring this project to completion, we posted a Fundraising Page on, a crowd-funding organization that has a well established global network. We invite you to visit this site,

   If you feel that you would like to contribute financially to this project, for we already feel your support in all other planes of consciousness, know that your contributions are tax-exempt and really do make a difference.

   For more additional information about our vision and mission, you can visit our website,

If you feel in your heart to pass this request to some of your friends, with a personal note, we would be extremely grateful.

From you can post this on your social networks.

We would also appreciate any of your questions, comments, feedback and ideas concerning our website and Rainbow Tree School.

We are so thankful to have you in our lives!

All our love and light!

Greta Kraft – Director of Rainbow Tree School and Richard Kraft, Projector Coordinator

and the Rainbow Tree School Circle

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