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Past Life Regression Work – Safe and Natural

Hypnotherapy Past Life RegressionRegression work goes beyond the addressing of the physical and mental symptoms; it goes into the heart of deeper reality. Past Life Regression work accesses the amazing capacity of the body-mind-spirit to heal wounds and activate the limitless possibilities within ourselves. It accesses the soul’s journey.

Taj guides the client in entering an altered state of consciousness for the purpose of going to the root cause of an issue, to identify the cause in the mental attitude or spiritual belief system. From there, all parts are integrated and, through forgiveness, unconscious expectations, fears and phobias based upon past lives are released and restored to the whole. The goal is improved physical health, mental well-being, emotional fulfillment, and spiritual advancement.

With past life regression one can also discover the positive patterns of the past, the eternal gifts. Regression work opens the door to deeply stored memories. We are able to explore the “inner space in the mind and in the uncharted sanctuary of the deeper self, bringing to remembrance information and emotions which are stored in the unconscious mind.”

Past Life regression work is safe and natural. It is as natural as sleep. Your conscious, critical mind becomes the observer just like in a dream, and you feel deeply relaxed and safe.

As a result of observing patterns and symbols, you are alerted to possibilities for living a better life and begin to explore ways of making significant changes.

Taj guides you through the experience but the memories come from within the reality of the soul. We know that the most powerful teachings come from within.

Research in Past Life Regression and Therapy

Has there been any “scientific” research on past lives?

There are different uses of the word “research.” Some writers refer to their “research” when what they really mean is the experience they have had with clients. This is one form of research, and it is important, because from the experience of many therapists we begin to see how past life regressions actually work. But although this kind of research is important, it is usually dismissed as “anecdotal” by the scientific community.

To scientific researchers, “research” is much more formal than mere anecdotes about what a therapist’s clients say. But one should remember that in any new field, it is only through anecdotes that a “real” research study can be developed in the first place. Put another way, and using phobias as an example, it is only after many therapists tell stories about how their clients with phobias were cured after past life therapy that a potential researcher will even notice this and conceive of doing formal research to test the true effectiveness of past life therapy for people with phobias.

  1. Fortunately, there has been some of this other kind of “research,” “scientific” research, done on past life regressions. Not much yet, but a little, and more is being done as I write. Briefly, what we know so far from that “scientific” research is this:
  2. People’s brain waves change when they are in a past life regression, and they are different from the brain waves of any other mental state we know of (normal wakefulness, sleep, dreaming, hypnosis alone, etc.). (Study by Winafred Lucas, Ph.D.).
  3. Ordinary, normal healthy people report past lives more readily than mentally ill people. (Studies by Kampmann and Hirvenoja, Ph.D.s; Robert James, JD, CHT).
  4. People are more likely to be able to report realistic and detailed past lives if they are in a medium to deep level of hypnosis than if they are in a light trance or simple relaxation state. (Study by Robert James, JD, CHT).
  5. Past life therapy is extremely effective for phobias of all kinds. Also, there are significant predictable and different patterns in the kinds of past life and interlife experiences people with various phobias report. (Study by Thelma Freedman, Ph.D.).
  6. When past life therapy was combined with other forms of therapy for phobias, the participants who experienced past life therapy improved more than those who did not. (Study by Johannes Cladder, Ph.D., in The Netherlands).
  7. Past life therapy is very effective for people with Tourette’s Syndrome. Out of 10 people who suffered from this affliction, 8 said that their symptoms were much fewer after past life therapy. (Study by Ronald van der Maesen, M.A., in The Netherlands.)
  8. When the details and demographic information people report in past life regressions are checked they are almost always accurate.

(Study by Helen Wambach, Ph.D.) From IBRT- International Board of Regression Therapists (From Notes of a Past Life Therapist: Questions and Answers, by Thelma B. Freedman, Ph.D. Copyright 1998)

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