July 27, 2016 – 7 pm A Group Past Life Regression- Kauai


This Group Past Life Regression is a fun and powerful experience! Taj will be your guide as you  become aware of patterns from a past life. Everyone can do this! This can also be a fun exploration of possibilities! You will discover the positive tendencies of the past that have not been fully activated in the present. The goal is to make the positive tendencies of the past life fully accessible to this one. These are our eternal gifts!
Patterns from a past may be unconsciously & negatively affecting your present life. These limiting patterns can be brought into consciousness to change the underlying beliefs and heal the present issues.

There are 3 parts to this experience! First is the Past Life Regression. We will do a deep relaxation to connect to your subconscious and I will guide you into the past life. Then you will meet your guides and  open up to your gifts in this life. Thirdly, we will be expanding into our crystalline bodies and bringing back the memory of our healed self. Regression work opens the door to deeply stored memories.

We are able to explore the “innerspace in the mind and in the uncharted sanctuary of the deeper self, bringing to remembrance information and emotions which are stored in the unconscious mind.”

Please bring a blanket, water, paper and pen $25

SPACE IS LIMITED – Please RSVP: 808.652.3698

Spiritual Hypnotherapy for Transformation       

Using this method helps to identify the issues. When we work through feelings, as a vehicle for transformation, we can release energy blocks in the body as well as the mind.We will shift the old limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from your power. These blocks may seem almost physical. In this way the client is really the healer. The therapist and the client are both holding space for the healing to happen. It’s also possible that we need to do physical energy release work, whether it be Cranial Sacral work or some other specific hands-on modality.

I have many tools that can be utilized in a session. We can work through memories or feelings. During the course of the session, you will become aware of the different tools that can be used to anchor in this transformation.



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