Nature Adventures & Spiritual Tours

Reconnect with Nature

Kauai Secret Cave

Kauai Secret Cave

Join us for adventure, relaxation, rejuvenation or solitude.

We can provide Nature Adventures whether waterfall treks, hiking to Sacred sites or dolphin swims (seasonal) for a fun experience or to assist adults and children in reaching profound levels of healing.

We can also assist in accommodations.

These experiences may be in the mountains of Koke’e, the beaches of the North Shore, or a waterfall in Kapahi.

Hypnotherapy can be done in my beautiful office setting or in nature as well! I am dedicated to assisting you on the amazing journey of personal transformation.

Nature is full of genius, full of divinity.” —Henry David Thoreau

Your Guides: Taj & Marc

Taj and/or Marc will guide you to amazing places, connecting to the Consciousness of Nature.

Please click images below:

Taj has created a line of Hawaiian Flower, Shell, Gem & Sound Elixirs- essences from the mountains of Kokee to the beaches of Hanalei. Nourishing Essential Oil Blends support you on your healing journey.

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