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Taj Juré on Hypnotherapy

Taj Juré on Hypnotherapy

Our bodies innate wisdom knows how to find its balance to maintain vibrant health. Hypnotherapy is life affirming and sustainable Hypnosis finds the original cause of disharmony. Clients rediscover their own power to heal.

Hypnotherapy with Taj Juré is a profound transformational healing experience, releasing the physical and emotional pain of your past through regression therapies, guided visualizations, emotional freedom techniques, gestalt work and intuitive guidance. Taj is able to listen compassionately to your desire to heal and facilitate you to that deep place where healing occurs.

To learn more about hypnosis, please watch Taj on Emergence as she discusses “Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing, and Fertility with Hypnosis” with Ronda Rice, Birth Facilitator and Hypnotherapist.

Taj has created a line of Hawaiian Flower, Shell, Gem & Sound Elixirs- essences from the mountains of Kokee to the beaches of Hanalei. Nourishing Essential Oil Blends support you on your healing journey.

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