Hawaiian Flower Bath

Flower Bath

Flower Bath

Your bath is filled with beautiful local flowers, such as hibiscus, orchids, gardenias, gingers…(whatever is in season). These flowers are placed in the water for up to two hours.

This method allows the essence of the flowers to be infused into the water (like Bach flower remedies). You will be experiencing color therapy from all the different colors in the bath. We also play the crystal healing bowls during your session!

The Flower Bath includes essential oils and massage and cranial sacral work on head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, with an optional write-up of the essential oils chosen and their meaning.

The oils are chosen specifically based on the issues and needs of each client.

The effects of this experience are many. Deep relaxation, Bliss, Joy and Happiness!

Taj has created a line of Hawaiian Flower, Shell, Gem & Sound Elixirs- essences from the mountains of Kokee to the beaches of Hanalei. Nourishing Essential Oil Blends support you on your healing journey.

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