“There is no opposite to God, there is only opposition.”


I want to talk about how we seem to be creating our reality.  From a very young age were told about what’s real and what’s imagined by our families and society. People say words like “get real, it’s not my reality, that’s your reality.”

Well it seems that reality must be numberless and limitless.

And it seems to me that the only limit to reality is self-imposed.

My experience through the work I’ve done with hypnotherapy, and my own inner journey, is that when we come into this dimension we forget  where we came from. “It seems that Forgetfulness is the human habit.”

If you remember all of your lifetimes as beings, you would be limitless. Our lost memory of eternity enables us to pass through the classroom of life on earth. We are part of eternity and we have forgotten that our soul was not born nor will it die.

When we are no longer attached to our identity, as a person, reaching self-realization, our I am, brings awareness to every dimension. When you are experiencing the truth, it is sent out to every being.

We have such amazing potential, and it is so unrealized. We are so extraordinary. We create our reality and we aren’t even aware that we are doing it in each moment!

“Reality never stops, and neither does our experience. The paradox is that our experience creates our reality, and our reality creates our experience!  When we become more conscious of our actions, our reality becomes more beautiful and peaceful than we could have imagined.”

As we heal ourselves, becoming more balanced and peaceful, we begin to experience a deeper sense of peace and balance in the world around us. Nature begins to resonate differently, The mountains and ocean may appear to be the same as they were last week, yet, there is a new feeling, a different energy coming from them. This energy will merge with your own.

As you understand that separation is a belief, and choose to let this go, you will feel the connectedness amongst all beings, all creatures. Since these beliefs have been maintained by all humanity for so long, it may be a challenge to relinquish them. But the reward is worth it.

We talk about duality in this dimension- love and hate, right and wrong, good and evil, God and the devil, but there is no opposite to God, there is only opposition. Our beliefs create that opposition and the  paradox: “It is the opposition to truth that reveals truth, virtue cannot be restricted anymore and dark can contain or restrain light”.

“If we could  really feel into the matrix we might see that everything concrete in our lives is just illuminated pools of energy with the illumination coming from a single, powerful source of light, a matrix of energy.  This illumination has a program preset into a nonphysical energy control. And this control has the capacity to allow us to alter the program at will.  We just don’t know that these energy pools are manifesting as the things in our lives. We see them only as purely physical. Our higher selves know that these things in our lives are a biological reflection in a mirror of consciousness. The preset programs in the energy controls of our lives can’t be reached physically; it’s metaphysical energy. But our higher selves know that the programmed matrix of energy is the birthplace of infinite, unlimited potential. We have the task of changing the settings but we don’t even know that such a possibility exists. So we are in the middle of duality ourselves, that are aware of the diffusion of light as movement at the center of a vast pool of energy, and are unaware physical selves trying to take care of ourselves in our daily lives.”

Right now, in this moment we are a conglomeration  of many cells from beyond this time, space, we have atoms from the dinosaurs from Lemuria or Atlantis or hundreds of years ago. Out of this physical world, linear time is without meaning outside of this reality.We are taught that our past affects our future, but really “our future has just as much effect on our past. And the key to all of this is the present.”

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