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Pranayama practice with the the 10 Tibetan breaths or the Wim Hoff breathing technique followed by a blend of the 5 Tibetan Rights with Qi Gong and Yoga.  Daily guided meditation practice

Please call for location and registration. Monday  through Friday – 6:30am


Please join us for a weekly spiritual healing sound circle – Come with an intention of  healing for yourself and others.  Be in the frequency of the Sacred Sound Healing Bowls, Gong and other healing frequencies. Let them bathe you with their powerful vibrations!



NOV 2017| Kilauea, Kaua`i 

In November 2017, 13 Indigenous Wisdom Weavers from tribes around the world will gather for four days on Kaua`i  to co-create a message for humankind. They will speak on behalf of Mother Earth and all of her children.

Many Indigenous Elders say we are fast approaching a critical ‘tipping point’ beyond which life as we know it will dramatically change. Environmental degradation and depletion of Mother Earth’s bounty are happening at unprecedented rates. Mother Earth’s life support systems are overloaded, strained, and nearly exhausted. The time grows increasingly short to take effective actions to transform how we live.

The Wisdom Weavers of the World Project will bring together Elders from different parts of the world to share instructions for how to live in balance and harmony with the natural world. Indigenous peoples hold a vast repository of untapped knowledge from thousands of years of living harmoniously in nature and constantly adapting to survive. 

Protect all life on earth


This gathering is a fulfillment of a prophecy: the coming together of the 4 directions and the unifying of the peoples of all lands and walks of life. This historic weaving of cultures and hearts will give voice to the deepest wisdom of these elders and their ancestors. As the elders open up their hearts and share their teachings, the “hoop” and sacred teachings will become whole again.

At this pivotal moment, Indigenous elders are at the forefront of changing the paradigms we live by.

Their essential message of hope is imperative for all to hear, to bring us back into our hearts and to remind us of our proper place in the “Hoop of Life”. Ilarion (Kuuyux) Merculieff, an Unangan traditional messenger and founder of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, received a vision to gather Wisdom Weavers from around the world to address the difficulties facing all of us, and to lay out what must take place to reinvigorate this planet and restore it to health. These Wisdom Weavers are gathering to share what they know from their traditions, address concerns they have about our younger generations and discuss what their Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom can do to address some, or all, of the world’s many wounds and whether or not it is time to bring the messages from the Elders to a wider audience around the world.


NOV 2 | Anini Beach | 6:15am

This ceremony will be led by Mona Polocca, Founding Member of the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers. We will gather at 6:15am, for first light, at Anini (past the campgrounds) and begin at 6:30. 

NOV 3 | Hanalei @ The Pier | 6:15am

We will gather at 6:15am, for first light, at the pier in Hanalei and begin at 6:30. One of our guest elders will be leading this ceremony.

NOV 4 | Kalihiwai Bay | 6:15am

We will gather at 6:15am, for first light, and begin at 6:30. This ceremony will be led by Ilarion Merculieff, Unangan Elder of Alaska.



Sound Healing with Taj Juré  & Toby Christensen – August 10 – Kilauea, Hawaii

Join Taj & Toby for an evening of Sound Bowls, Djaembe & an expansive Multidimensional Meditation!

We will be sharing deep ways of connecting to Gaia & healing ourselves through the frequencies of Sound, Color, Essential Oils & Flower Essences. You will experience how the resonance of sound “tunes” us to health!

Sound Healing in Nature – August 4 – Ha’ena, Hawaii

A one hour Meditation & Ignition! The quiet of the location and the Magic of the Crystal Bowls will transport you to a deeper level of meditation – of healing – of Resonance. This will be an ignition to move you into deeper focus on your path.
Enjoy the sunset and Ke’e Beach following the Sound Event.

A Group Past Life Regression – July 27 – Kilauea, Hawaii 

This Group Past Life Regression is a fun and powerful experience! Taj will be your guide as you  become aware of patterns from a past life. Everyone can do this! This can also be a fun exploration of possibilities! You will discover the positive tendencies of the past that have not been fully activated in the present. The goal is to make the positive tendencies of the past life fully accessible to this one. These are our eternal gifts!

Sound Healing Evening – Sonic Nuclear Radiation Release – July 21 – Kilauea, Hawaii

Come to a Sound Healing Meditation with the Crystal Bowls and our voices toning or oming. This is a Sound Healing to create a state of deeper Peace within us, and we send this Peace out to the Planet. I will also be teaching about how the Crystal Bowls, Color & Light, Tuning Forks & Toning work to promote deep relaxation, soothe anxiety and fear and stimulate the body to heal itself. You will  experience a Sound Medicine session, a Sonic Nuclear Radiation Release with the Sound Bowls. There are certain frequencies that match the frequency of the elements of Strontium, Uranium, Cesium, Iodine, and Plutonium. We will be playing, toning or singing the notes that correlate to the frequencies of these radioactive elements, and this will act as a homeopathic in our bodies, a non-toxic dose, neutralizing the effects of these materials.

A Group Past Life Regression – Jan 15 – Kilauea, Hawaii 


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