Emergence TV Show – Episode 4 – Ayurveda Medicine


In Episode 4 of the Emergence TV show Darci Frankel and Tatiana Blanco discuss with Taj Juré the practice of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine.

This practice follows an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of illness by reestablishing harmony between the mind, body, and forces of nature. Ayruveda combines many practices such as, herbal remedies, exercise, cleansing, body treatments and meditation to strengthen and purify the body and mind while increasing spiritual awareness.

Part One: Taj Jure Interviews Dr. Darci Frankel about Ayurveda

Part Two: Continuation of Interview with Darci Frankel

Part Three: Interview with Tatiana Blanco

Part Four: Discussion with Tatiana Blanco-Kirtan and music by Neeraja & Rob

Part Five: Darci Frankel and an Ayurveda Demonstation

Part Six: Tatiana Demonstrates on Shirodhara

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Taj JuréTaj puts her heart into her healing work, rejuvenating the heart, body, and spirit. She is a visionary teacher and gifted healer who uses Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral, Sound Healing Therapies, Massage, Energy Work, Guided Breathwork with music, and other modalities to create personalized treatments that nurture the whole being.View all posts by Taj Juré

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