Embracing Fear!



Years ago, when I was in Hypnotherapy school we did 10 minute sessions all day long to learn the technique, which was how to assist another to go into a trance to understand where limiting patterns and fears begin. I remember having a session on a specific fear. As we were looking for where it was specifically located in my body, it kept moving and disappearing. I would sense it in my shoulder and it would move. It was like a dark wisp that didn’t want to let me know where it was. So it couldn’t be looked at and embraced. Because for me, to embrace that fear takes its power away, I can identify it and be able to do something with it. It continued to run, and hid behind my heart, and then the back of my neck. It kept moving until finally I was able to really sense and connect with it and understand why it was there in the first place. And really engage with it and love it! So that it was no longer fear!

There is a very powerful practice that Yogananda gave to his disciples as part of his teaching. And that practice is – If you have an issue with another- to Say these words: “Dear God please fill JOHN with peace and Harmony- Dear God Please… Say it 3 times- Peace and harmony….

And you do this for a minute or so. And then you begin to see that person, that mey be angry at you or ajust angry at the world filled with peace and harmony. Then you do it on yourself and say — Dear God please fill me w/ P & H And you get about 15 -30 seconds to do it on yourself.

Then you do this practice at least 5 times throughout the day. It’s very very simple. And you begin to see that person as that peaceful harmonious person even if y, in reality they aren’t, in your experience. And as you do this the energy of that creation allows you to have more tolerance and more awareness of what that person is going through. And you are able to see their triggers, and that their triggers have nothing to do with you. So you can allow them their experience. Perhaps something will shift in them. And something will definitely shift in you!

These practices have to be done every day bc we know that to shift ourselves takes a lot of time and practice. And we deserve to have time to love and shift what is not working and keeping us in a state of happiness! These are the practices to be love again, to be happy again. And this is a choice- To Choose love, To choose happiness! To stop letting the victim part of ourselves get triggered. That part that seems like it is part of the human condition of victim and perpetrator. When we remember that we allow whatever is happening in our life, whether it be from joy or fear, we are allowing it. So let’s choose love and Joy Now!

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