Conscious Birth Overview

The landscape of labor is not linear, but twists and turns like the path of a Labyrinth, awakening great determination, doubt, faith and love.”

Fertility with Hypnosis – Child Birth Education Classes with HypnoBirthing – Conscious Parenting Classes

Have the Birth that you have dreamed about with HypnoBirthing!

Conscious Birthing with Taj JuréI offer HypnoBirthing Child Education Classes, Parenting Classes and Hypnosis for Fertility Sessions. All Sessions are also offered privately.

HypnoBirthing is a five week course that teaches how to be completely prepared for anything that may happen during birth! You will learn how to be calm and centered so that birth will be a relaxed and sacred experience. You are the Chalice that holds the beautiful new Light Being! You are the steward for life. How you think, feel and acts affects these new children.

During this course you will be discovering your own best ways of dealing with the unknown of labor and birth. This will carry into your life as a parent. No one can tell us how to be a parent to this child. It is the first time either of you have been together.

We teach how to listen deeply to your child, before and after birth. These hypnotic techniques, with the assistance of the therapist, will help free you from fear!

Birth is a Natural Process

Even if you are not yet aware of your innate maternal instinct, it usually becomes activated with birth. It’s important to know what to do in all situations whether it be for a home birth or in the hospital, even if you need an epidural or caesarian.

If there are any special circumstances these techniques will teach you to be relaxed. When you are relaxed, if there is need a medical assistance,  your blood pressure will stay low and so less blood will be at the incision and the anesthesia will not be as pronounced in the baby. Babies begin to nurse much more quickly. Recovery is much faster when you are stress-free.

It’s important to understand the fears that you are carrying from the past so that you can move in to the future in freedom! I have many loving techniques to help explore and release conscious and unconscious fears. These fears may have nothing to do with birth. The birthing process may bring up fears about being a parent, your own birth, your partner as a parent, how a child will affect your relationship, family issues from the past…

We will also talk about how to handle the transition to postpartum.

If you would like to discuss conscious birthing with Taj, or any other topic, please call 808-652-3698 or contact her via our secure web form.

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