Anahata Spiritual Spa

Transform Your Life!

Experience a beautiful environment and loving care!

Nurture yourself and transform your life!

Relax and rejuvenate with any of our nourishing treatments.

Experience a Lomi Lomi or Deep Tissue Massage in a lush, tropical setting.

Massage Spa Services

Detox in a Far Infrared Sauna followed by a luxurious RainDrop Massage using therapeutic Essential Oils.

Release tension and balance your energy with Cranial Sacral Therapy

Drop issues from the past while experiencing Hypnotherapy.

Breath deeply for an hour or two while experiencing Angelic Breathwork with Music—Expand your consciousness and receive a new, healthy outlook on life.

Spa Energy Medicine Services

We can create custom sessions for you.

Taj’s Energy sessions may include Cranial Sacral or Energy Work with The Crystal Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks when called for. She uses the Tuning forks like acupuncture needles. She places them on the meridians and energy points on the body. This causes deep physical, mental or emotional releases to occur.

Taj has created a line of Hawaiian Flower, Shell, Gem & Sound Elixirs- essences from the mountains of Kokee to the beaches of Hanalei. Nourishing Essential Oil Blends support you on your healing journey.

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